Welcome to the Dance NFT Marketplace, where digital art and virtual reality meet the world of dance. Our platform is designed for dancers, choreographers, and dance enthusiasts to buy, sell, and collect unique digital assets that represent the beauty and artistry of dance.

What are Dance NFTs? Dance NFTs are unique digital assets that represent a specific dance performance, choreography, or dance-related art. These NFTs are created on the blockchain, which provides immutable ownership and provenance, ensuring the authenticity and rarity of the artwork.

How it Works: Dancers and choreographers can upload their performances, rehearsals, and other dance-related content onto our platform, mint them as NFTs, and set a price for others to purchase. Dance enthusiasts can browse through the marketplace to find NFTs that resonate with them, and purchase them using cryptocurrencies such as ETH.

Benefits of Dance NFTs:

– Unique and rare digital assets that showcase the beauty and artistry of dance.
– Provenance and authenticity, ensuring that the digital artwork is one-of-a-kind.
– A new revenue stream for dancers and choreographers, who can monetize their performances and art.
– A platform for dance enthusiasts to collect and showcase their passion for dance.

Additional benefits:

– NFTs can provide access to private content, master classes, workshops, events, private parties and more. Dancers can build loyal communities that support their work and get exclusive access.

Our Vision is to create a vibrant and thriving marketplace that connects dancers, choreographers, collectors and dance enthusiasts from all around the world. We believe that Dance NFTs can revolutionize the way we experience and appreciate dance, and we are committed to making this vision a reality.

Join us on this exciting journey, and let’s bring the world of dance to the blockchain.


A revolutionary new way for dancers and fans to come together and dance like never before.

With our virtual platform, fans will be able to join dancers from all over the world in immersive events that will transport them to a whole new dimension of dance.

Our Metaverse will create a global community where you will be able to connect with your favorite performers and fellow fans, no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you’re a dancer looking to showcase your skills or a fan wanting to experience the magic of dance, IDOL’s metaverse has something for everyone. 

IDOL is paving the way for the future of dance.


IDOL’s reality TV is the first step in igniting a new generation of dancers and entertainment.

It is comedy, drama and creativity like never before, while providing education and opportunities for community members.

For more information about the show, contact us at


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IDOL plans to provide the community with workshops for using new technologies for gaining social popularity and income. 

‘LEGENDS’ token has a fixed amount of 10BN. It allows us to give community members a token to use while learning and practicing transfers on the Blockchain.

LEGENDS token is not an investment or financial instrument. It should not be construed as such.

Note that IDOL is not performing an Initial coin offering (ICO). 

Click here to view ‘LEGENDS’ token contract on Polygon.


The minting, gifting, holding and use of the NFTs shall be governed by our Terms and Conditions which shall be available at