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Yes, we are celebrating a 20th anniversary.

Click here to view the team. Our goal now is:
  1. To fuel the creation of new entertainment and content,
  2. Create a platform for next generation to showcase their art and get access new opportunities,
  3. Decentralize Krump Kings content and give fans more ways to participate.

The original content was almost lost because the technology that was used to create it became outdated.

Our team spent years restoring it and creating new HD art with it.

Blockchain technology is give new purpose to this content as fans and collectors can get IP ownership with full transparency.

Historically, there have been very few new dance styles that changed the global dance scene.

The Krump Kings library is a unique gem. It documents the rise of a movement from its humble beginnings in the streets of south central and until global adoption.

Some of the great breakthroughs for Krump were movies such as ‘Rize’ by David LaChapelle and ‘Breakin vs Krumpin’ starring Shabba-Doo and Todd Bridges.

In ‘Breakin vs Krumpin’ top BBoys were selected to battled top Krumpers. This movie caused controversy because judging the battle was a challenge.

However, following its release, leaders of the HipHop culture acknowledged Krump as the newest addition to HipHop. It was the first time since the birth of Hip Hop that this happened.

Allowing this content to get lost in time would have been a huge loss for the culture.

We are very excited to immortalize this history.

Once the decentralization is complete, the legacy of Kings will continue on the blockchain. Anyone will be able to participate, own a piece of this history and help the next generations of talent rise.

Part of the income from ‘Legends of Krump’ NFTs will be dedicated to The Fund. 

The Fund will be used for:

  1. Creating new content,
  2. Giving new talent a platform,
  3. Rewarding talent and content creators.

The Fund will facilitate the launch of a new reality show. 

More info about the reality show, click here.

NFT art -
All Holders get IP ownership of the versions of the videos and images they purchase. 

The Golden Series -
Some NFT holders will get bonus ownership of content from the Golden Series of Krump. If you are one of the lucky ones, this bonus will get added as a trait of your NFT. Check here to see if your NFT has a badge for bonus content.  

Music in Videos -
We added music to some NFTs. If your video includes music, you get a perpetual license to use the music freely with your NFT. 

You do not get ownership of the music. Once you sell that NFT, the new owner will get the license to use the music with that NFT.

You can always remove the music and add your own. 

Connect your wallet to download a HD version of your content. Connect here.

You can convert your videos to GIFs and use both versions.

Try displaying your NFTs files on huge screens. The art looks incredible in HD.